చూడలేదు కదానని , రాత్రి కురిసి వెళ్ళిన సౌందర్యపు ఝడిని , అల్పమైనదని అనేసెయ్ గలమా ...

Sunday, 11 January 2015




Let us talk about
A journey that was curtailed halfway
A spring that was shot down in its midst
Talk about a deceitful claw of shameless inhumanity

Let us talk about
The tears flowing out of a burst oceanic heart
The thousand hoods of venomous snakes that distort even tears

Let us talk about
The ladder to the heavens
The seas that touch the ladder
The counting crocodiles that pull the legs

Let us talk about
Our erased identities and primitive roots
Lost between the lines
Punjaba sindhu gujarata maraatha draavida utkala banga...

Let us talk about
‘Spashto babe’ janagan
And the valleys of hearts in every house won over

Let us talk about
The long paths that we traversed from
Tangedu[2] flowers to Sal[3] forests
The rivers that connected Godavari and Ganga
Let us talk about
Dreams and the life spent in realizing them

Let us talk about
The sun that gone down due to backstab

Let us talk about
A hero

Let us talk about
Defiance that teaches us the abundance of new dawns

Let us once again talk
About the meaning of janagan
Let us talk about
The jayahe to be sung in honor of
Adhinaayaka of our janagan


అనువాదం న N . వేణు 

[1] Janagan in Bengali means multitude of people. The national anthem begins with this phrase and the poet alludes to the phrase and parts of national anthem.
[2] A typical wild bush in Telangana
[3] A typical hardwood tree found in West Bengal

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